About Our Company


What We Do

Our products tell stories that applaud volunteers, veterans, teachers, students and artists.  Products our customers are proud to wear.  Products that start conversations and initiate discussions in business.  A lapel pin the size of a dime can contribute to generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for such worthy causes as the American Heart Association!  We are so proud to be a small part of big efforts and to present our customers’ stories to the world.

Our Core Values


    Our work ethic is defined by a spirit of determination, perseverance, and the patience needed to guide us through the many details of every order, from design to delivery.

    The more we know, the more we grow. We are dedicated to learning as much as possible about our customers’ needs through research, discussion, travel and more so that we can tell our customers’ stories more creatively. We welcome challenges and new ideas as they are a means of learning and growth.

    Every C. Sanders employee is involved in every order in his or her own way, each bringing a unique perspective and passion to the role. This atmosphere fosters a solution-oriented culture of celebration, respect, and shared objectives so that we can support each other and share our talents selflessly for the benefit of our customers.

    We strive to present fresh ideas, and enchanting designs that meet our customers’ individual needs.

    Our customers, co-workers, and partners expect nothing short of complete honesty and transparency; open and forthright communication is the bloodstream of our business and the cornerstone of our character.

Our Gifts to Our Customers

  • Free original art to use on other custom projects such as t-shirts, mugs, programs, and more
  • Overruns are included at no extra charge
  • A story and a celebration with every product you order

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