​  Cool Car Enamel Pins: Wear Your Passion on Your Sleeve

Posted by C Sanders Lapel Pins on Aug 11th 2021

​ Cool Car Enamel Pins: Wear Your Passion on Your Sleeve

In today’s world, cars have progressed from being mere transport to a lifestyle choice. People are passionate about their car choices and showcase the same even in their fashion, like choosing car enamel pins for their purses or clothes. Cool car enamel pins are fast becoming popular, as people looking to express their love for their cars openly. Depending upon the choices of every person, the range of car enamel pins available is huge. After all, it is their way to expressing loyalty to automobile brands, and lost models, and aka lost eras.

What Are Cool Car Enamel Pins?

A car enamel pin is a metal pin with decorative enamel, in the shape of your favorite car on it. It can be made of copper, brass, steel, iron, or aluminum. The forms are then polished smooth followed by filling the recessed areas of the design with different types of enamel for decoration. Occasionally, they are also known as lapel car pins. It can be used anywhere- on a bag, on clothing or any other piece of fabric. There are hundreds and thousands of different car pins available for you to buy online like some cool historical car enamel pins showcasing a certain car model that you like.

Types of Car Enamel Pins

There are two main types of car enamel pins available in the market- soft and hard enamel pins. Though they are quite similar with certain similar functions, they have a few distinct differences that separate the two types. Following are the two different types of enamel pins:

Soft Enamel Pins: Since less time goes into the making of soft enamel pins, they are quite cheap. They are less smooth than hard enamel, as the enameling is recessed and have a very rigid finish. However, they are a cheaper economical buy for the consumer. However, even though they are considered of lesser quality due to their less smooth finish because the enamel is not “hard fired”, they give off have a more dimensional “3D” effect.

Hard Enamel Pins: These pins involve a lot more work for a flush and smooth feel. The dies are not as intricate or detailed and vivid as soft enamel counterparts. However, they are sturdier, which makes them last longer. Rather than any complicated pattern, they are better off for a smooth glossy finish.

Importance of Car Enamel Pins

Admirers of car pins represent a small yet fervent set of auto obsessed people. Individual car enamel pins are often worn by people expressing their desire for a certain model or their most favored brands. The importance of these pins is such that they help in documentation of the classic kitsch and chrome of the automobile world in a miniature version. They often act like a tribute to the lost automobile world brands and models. Some of them replicate the jewel like cloisonné badges too.

The importance of car enamel pins is not only limited to collectors or car lovers. There are several other ways you can put them to work.

You can send some of them out with sales representatives. Enamel pins act like great ‘leave me behind’ gifts for people looking to purchase new cars and are open to ideas. They can help you get your “foot in the door” with valuable new clients for your auto servicing or car dealership center.

You can pass them out in the local trade shows to promote your auto business. It can act as a surprise gift for the booth visitors while doubling as a marketing vehicle for your product.

Market your auto brand or car dealership by handing these car pins out in the local community events and festivals. Not only will it act as a wonderful opportunity for spreading the word about your business, but it will also promote good will in the community too.

Different Types of Hard Enamel Car Pins

There are numerous types of hard enamel car pins that are way beyond your imagination. Let us look at some of the popular ones that are most in demand:

1969 Z28 Camaro Blue Hard Enamel Pin

The 1969 Z28 Camaro Blue is one of the best muscle cars around having style that is decades ahead of its time. The car came complete with an amazing assortment of different factory fitted performance options, which made it one of only a few having a show winning pedigree. The car had a unique body style with something special for every car lover. One of the major parts of the car’s appeal was its engine and trim level. If you are a lover of the first-generation F cars and are on a quest to get the feel of this legendary Z28, this cool car enamel pin is made for you. Wear this pin to your next auto meet or racing competition and people are sure to know and understand your passion for cars.

1962 Blue Impala Car Pin

If there is one Chevrolet car that really stands out on the streets, it is the1962 big blue Impala. The car was made even more popular by the Beach Boys who produced their hit single album of the times by the name of ‘409’. The song featured this car and made it iconic of its time. The car featured premium interiors and a chrome trim on its outside. The body design of this car was so popular that it gained the top spot in terms of station wagon body designs. Unlike the other passenger cars of its time, it had dual unit taillights. Own your piece of history with this car enamel pin that is suitable for all age groups. You can wear it on your suit jacket, coat, hat, or purse and showcase your love for this iconic car to the world.

Camaro SS 1LE White Car Pin

The rivalry between Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge is a well-documented one in terms of muscle cars. Their battle of edging over each other has never ended to date. It was in this fight that Chevrolet rolled out its Camaro SS 1LE. The company got the ultimate driving formula right in this muscle car turned sports beauty. The car emanates an old world feel and does what any proper muscle car should do. It has evolved gracefully from its prior generations to become one of the most popular Chevy cars. Check it out in our store.

By keeping the core ethos of its sports and muscle car roots, the car does a lot of what other cars fail to manage to do. The pin is a celebration of these traits and is the best buy for you if you are a hardcore Chevy guy. This pin is best if you are a great for fans of yesteryear muscle cars and then some.

1977 Trans Am Bandit Car Pin

It was in 1977 that the movie Smokey and the Bandit was released on the big screen. The movie was a sleeper hit and went on to become one of the top grosser earning movies of the year. It was in this movie that the Pontiac Trans Am Bandit car became iconic. With its unique V shaped nose and rectangular quad headlamp, the car was rolled out in competition to the Chevrolet Camaro. The movie is one of the best product placement films for any car of all times. The sales of the Pontiac 1977 Trans Am Bandit cars exploded after the movie. It was because of these high sales that the new models of the car were pushed back to make room for the sales of this car. By choosing this car enamel pin, you can own your little piece of history and wear it on your heart.

2021 Bronco Red Enamel Pin

This cool car enamel pin comes in nickel finish with 2 butterfly clutch attachments. The pin is a celebration of the resurrected Ford Bronco SUV with a host of features like built in tents for campers within its frame. This Sasquatch package by Ford is one of the most important offerings by the company in recent times. It showcases its effort to reenter the off-road SUV market for the first time in around 25 years. The car is fast gaining popularity among serious off-road travelers for its 35-inch tires. The car has been brought in direct competition to the Jeep Wrangler, which has been the market leader of the off-road vehicles since for the last few years. The pin celebrates the increasing popularity and loyalty the car has gained among the auto lovers since its launch.

1963 Red Corvette Split Window Car Enamel Pin

This cool car pin comes in a Cloisonné B hard enamel finish which imparts a jewel like appearance complete with 2 butterfly clutch attachments. It celebrates one of the rarest American cars- the 1963 Corvette Split Window. The car is a race ready ride complete with looks to die for. It is one of the most widely appreciated and recognizable cars of the Corvette family. Whether you are a casual admirer, or a hard-core car aficionado, this vintage Corvette often features on the top of the dream cars list of any Corvette aficionado. The incredible value of this car stems from the main fact that it was the only year when the car had a split rear window.

Despite the unearthly beauty emanated by the car today, the design was not well received in its time. It was because of this factor that the design was ditched the subsequent year. Though not every person can dare to buy this car today, you can have your own piece of American auto history by getting a car pin that celebrates this iconic car.

History of Enamel Pins

The history of enamel pins dates to 1800 BC, about 3800 years ago in Egypt. Though not the inventors of enamel pins, they were the pioneers of the process that led to what enamel pins look like today. It was a common practice among the Egyptian artisans to solder small wire pieces for creating decorative filigree artworks. This formed the base for the separation between colors in the modern pins. It was about 600 years later that the Greeks took over the process by filling the empty spaces of filigree with powdered glass. Enamel inlay was created by firing the artwork. This art of enameling was furthered by the Chinese who used this process for creating decorative jewelry, vases, items and the first enamel pins.

It was during the Civil War that enamel pins took a life of their own. Soldiers started wearing pins emblazoned with unit names and numbers to stay organized recognizable. The pins were continued to be worn by veterans, even after the war was over, to showcase their patriotism and togetherness. It was in 2014 that the pin revival really took off. Celebrities started endorsing them and people started to snatch them up. Independent artists created their own designs which were lapped up on social media platforms.

Why Cool Car Enamel Pins are Becoming Popular?

Though historically enamel pins were majorly mostly used for the purpose of formal events or important functions, millennial people are finding new and innovative ways to wear these pins. Let us look at why these pins are growing in popularity among young and old alike.

Today, enamel pins have become a part of jewelry. They are used to showcase the personal style and preference of the wearer, giving others a view into the wearer’s life. They are a unique way to communicate openly with the world and show your choices albeit in an understated manner.

These cool car enamel pins also help people in introducing themselves to the others without even saying a word. This helps in bringing like-minded people together and encouraging a sense of community among them.

Wearing car enamel pins helps the people in starting a discussion on their favorite topic- cars. This helps the people in meeting similar personalities.

Wearing these enamel pins showcases a new generation of people who are more open to ideas and more self-expressive than their previous counterparts.

1964 VW Bus 21 Window

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