Our Guide To Olympic Pin Trading & Collecting

Posted by C. Sanders Emblems on Feb 28th 2021

Our Guide To Olympic Pin Trading & Collecting

Pin collecting is a big hit among people of all age groups across the globe. Within the broad category of pin collecting, Olympic pins assumes a special place. As the Olympics brings in the spirit of sports across continents, Olympic pin collecting too, is a high adrenaline hobby. It is a hobby that is similar to stamp or coin collecting. Hobbies are an essential part of our leisure times. But many a time pin collecting is an activity that lets you interact with fellow enthusiasts through trading.

From artistic expressions to collecting various objects, collections may take multiple avatars. But beyond a leisure time activity, certain hobbies are a tribute to the history itself. The curious collectors of stamps, coins, currencies etc. transforms themselves into ambassadors of history. These collections can tell the story of a particular place at a given point in time. Normally, lapel pins associated with a sporting event, club or a particular theme are popular among people. In this blog let us understand more about various aspects of Olympic pin collecting and trading.

Olympic pins to trade

Pin Collecting – A hobby beyond leisure

Pin collecting as a hobby boasts of a rich history. Starting from the pins of local sporting clubs and cultural events, it has been part of many cultures. Collecting pins was often seen as the sign of proving loyalty to a particular event or a team. Fans often competed to collecting custom-made or the limited-edition pins by a favorite club ones. But at a later stage it assumed a cult status with the advent of pin trading. Pin trading allows collectors to exchange or sell their pins with other collectors. This opened up an entire system of official pin trading as a side event in many occasions. The Olympic pin trading is undoubtedly the most famous of such events. The magnitude and the variety of visitors (nationality) makes it a sweet spot for pin collecting enthusiasts.

Olympic Pins

The Olympics is the true torch-bearer of the sportsmanship for humanity. Beyond sports, it is a true amalgamation of cultures and values. Olympic pins started off as a part of official identification for athletes, volunteers and the organizing committees, Mostly lapel pins with the Olympics emblem or a marker of the city where the competition was held. The tradition of Olympic pin trading started in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. Athletes from different countries used to exchange their pins as a mark of friendship and goodwill. That was the time when collecting was also made available for spectators. Apart from this, pins were also used as a promotional material by many corporate sponsors associated with the Olympics.

The real craze for Olympic pin collecting and subsequent trading started in the early 80s. The Olympics held in Calgary and Los Angeles saw an unprecedented interest in Olympic pins. Now with the 2021 Japan Olympics in the pipeline, spectators are waiting for the new pins to expand their collections. The 2021 Olympics will surely be a great meeting place for pin collectors. It is a great time to meet new pinheads and make some money from your hobby.

Types of Olympic Pins

The evolution of Olympic pins is very interesting. It started as a normal cardboard block depicting the event or the host city. Later it took multiple formats and affiliations before assuming its importance in contemporary popular culture. Olympic pins comes in different sizes and shapes. The common one is the round lapel pin that can be attached to your hat or clothes. These are normally enamel based, durable, and can last a lifetime. The major classification of Olympic pins are:

Pins by the host city/country

The Olympics is officially attributed to the city that hosts it. In all communications and branding the city name is used. The organizing city releases pins that combines Olympics symbols and the city features/names. These pins depict the local culture or landmarks of the city. For the Tokyo Olympics, many such pins are already available online.

Mascot pins

Olympic mascots are fictional animal/human characters that represent the history of the host city. They have been the face of every Olympics from 1968 onwards. It is also a major branding exercise for attracting youngsters to the games. ‘Miraitowa’ is the official mascot for 2021 Tokyo Olympics. You can also get high quality custom-made mascot pins here at very low prices.

Corporate sponsor pins

Beyond sports and entertainment, the Olympics is also a great place for brand promotions and marketing. Many corporate entities sponsor these events. In a sense this corporate sponsorship is a major reasons for the popularity of Olympic pins. Companies release Olympic pins with their branding as a tool for marketing. Coco Cola is pioneer in this regard. The company has been using Olympic pins for a long time, for their brand building. Pin collectors are now eagerly waiting for the new pins from brands such as Coca Cola and McDonald's for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Pin by media houses

Media houses have a strong presence during Olympic events. They provide spectators all over the world with live coverage of the sporting events. From news channels to exclusive sports media, a wide variety of media houses come up with their own Olympic pins. NBC has been famous for releasing their pins during various Olympics.

Event/sport specific pin

Different sporting events in the Olympics have different fan followings. Under the pins released by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) there would be pins for separate events. Different countries also release event (sporting item) specific pins especially for team events.

Pins by participating countries

Apart from the official Olympic committee pins, each country releases respective Olympic pins. This increases the morale of athletes during the event. For them it is an honor to represent their countries. The exchange of pins between athletes of two countries is also a common sight during the medal distribution ceremony.

Pins for security personnel

A big event like the Olympics deploys numerous police and security personnel. Special pin badges are made available for them while guarding various sporting venues. These pins are usually available only for official purposes and are not accessible to the public. However, in due course you may collect them during exhibitions or special auctions. These are very valuable as it is very rare.

For the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, many pins were already available in the market. Now it can be custom-made for the year 2021. C Sanders is a pioneer in customized enamel lapel pins where you can get a one.

Flags of countries at 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Olympic Pin Collecting

Olympic pin collecting has become a sport in itself. With pin collectors clubs and online portals it is truly an interesting hobby. Olympics pins are a part of history and a perfect memorabilia. They can also retain great monetary value. Rare and old Olympic pins can fetch a high price when trading. There are pin collectors who possess more than 10,000 pieces of Olympic pins.

Where to buy Olympic pins?

As a hobby it requires much care and time for expanding your pin collection. You can start with a few low value ones that are readily available in the stores. But make sure to segregate and store them properly. There are many ways in which you can collect pins. They are:

Online stores: With the advent of e-commerce such as Amazon and eBay, you can start collecting them online. Various companies are offering their pins through these online sites.

Custom-made pins: If you are an avid pin collector, then custom-made pins also might be of interest for you. Whether for individual use or for bulk quantities, a lot of service providers are available. But you should exercise caution while selecting a vendor. Translating your creative idea into small lapel pins may seem very simple at first. But it requires expertise and the right technology to create them. C Sanders Emblems is a trusted company that offers highly customized Olympic lapel pins for pin collectors.

Obtaining sponsor pins: You can obtain corporate sponsor pins through various methods. Companies such as Coca Cola often conduct promotional events and brand campaigns through which the public can access them. Moreover, they are also attached to some contests that are associated with their product offerings.

Pin collectors club: There are multiple interest groups such as pin collectors clubs where you can buy pins from fellow pin enthusiasts. Traditional collectors clubs meet during regular intervals and organize exhibitions and activities. Nowadays there are a lot of virtual collectors clubs that allows people from different locations to interact together online. Olympin is a famous online collectors club that has members from more than 30 countries.

However, the real fun in Olympic pin collecting is through pin trading especially during the Olympic season. Pin collectors across the world are waiting for this during the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, slated to start in July this year.

Olympic Pin Trading

Olympic pin trading is not exactly a monetary transaction. Pin collectors usually ‘swap’ pins with each other at the game venue or nearby areas. Athletes and other officials are also seen exchanging them very often. Usually large pin collectors arrange them neatly on a display board for them. You can approach them and initiate a trade. Watch out for interesting and rare pieces. You can negotiate with them and exchange your pins. Make sure to evaluate the pins properly. For obtaining rare and old pins you might need to trade 2-3 pins from your collection. Go for it if the buy is really worth it.

Pin traders usually setup trading tables. Some attach them on their hats or jackets for easy visibility. Nevertheless, it is an activity for socializing and making new friends. Remember that by participating in pin trading you are also becoming a part of the history. Do Get ready for your next live pin trading in Tokyo for the 2021 Olympics.

Tips for Olympic Pin Collectors

Olympic pin collecting and trading is a very serious hobby. But unlike coin or stamp collection, there is less awareness of the possibilities. Many amateur pin collectors are ignorant about the tricks and tips to expand their collection. Let us check some tips that would be useful for you as a pin collector.

Choose your niche segment: Pin collection is a vast area. There are pins based on cartoon characters, events and various sports . Once you decide to expand your Olympic pin collection, do the proper research. In the initial stages try to collect Olympic pins from a specific category . This will help you to understand more about the pins and obtain genuine ones.

Understand the art of valuing pins: Pins are not valued on monetary terms. Rather it is done on the design, rarity and age. Before continuing on to active trading you should learn to valuate different pin types. An online search will decipher some valuation secrets for pins.

Proper storage of your collection: Stamp and coin collectors use special types of books or storage mechanisms to preserve their treasured collections. Similarly, as a pin collector you should take note of your inventory and store them properly. This will help in keeping them fresh till you engage in trading.

Become a member of a collectors club: Networking is the key for any trading. It is true in the case of pin trading too. By becoming the member of your local pin collectors club, you get a chance to explore different pin varieties. This will expand your knowledge about pins. Additionally, it offers you a platform for trading.

Contact Us For Your Custom Olympic Pin To Add To The Collection Today

If you are a beginner in Olympic pin collection, do start with a small but genuine collection of pins. Building such a collection is very useful while preparing for trading. It is a step-by-step process and requires patience. Today many pin varieties are available online. But you should exert caution while buying them. Low quality and fake Olympic pins are readily available in the market. A collection of fake pins takes away from the real spirit of Olympic pin trading.

An alternative option is to order custom-made pins for yourself. This is a unique way to unleash your creativity and stand out from the competition. C Sanders is a pioneer in providing customized Olympic pins. Their lapel pins are made from high quality enamel, and with perfect finishing and a choice of attachments. It is the ultimate place for ordering Olympic pins while you get ready for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. So contact them today itself for your quotes.

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